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Halina Crop Tops

At Bageeya I was dyed with plethora of love and affection. The beauty of herbs nourished my soul, and I was protected against any harsh chemicals, at the eco dyeing unit in our studio. I was touched by the healing benefits of herbs- which brought colours to my existence. 

Rohanna Kurtis

Bageeya has made a humble effort to enrich and beautify the most cherished garment of women by making it multifunctional and more beautiful by adding varied aspects of mother nature in all of its Rohanna’s Kurtis.

Talabgaar Kimono Dress

Long search to give birth to a garment which is multi purpose yet has a unique quotient to it. This ardent desire lead team Bageeya to generate the idea of kimono dresses.

Nazakat Strap Dress

With nature healing itself,  I make sure that I healed from my old disastrous habits. These are the times when nature reminds humanity of its actual minute existence. It reclaims its power showing how tiny little creatures we are in the face of this vast planet. It’s a new change to summertime

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Clothes with Conscience !

Bageeya recently got featured on NDTV addressing the issues of sustainability in fashion and discussing on its method of ecoprinting with temple flowers and herbs .

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