Know Your Herbs

Herbs have been well known for their benefits and healing properties since ages. They have been used in food, medicines, cosmetics etc. for their therapeutic nature. They have been admired for their beauty and fragrance, prized for their flavour and have been a beautiful source of beneficial aspects in varied fields.

Why do you need to know about your herbs?

When we buy any products which are consumables or any cosmetics they have a long list of ingredients listed in the description. But when we buy our garments then we are completely clueless about the chemical dyes used to in our garments or the detail of the fabric from which the garment is stitched. Our clothes are something which are closest to our skin, the largest organ in our body and yet we don’t put so much of attention in knowing what seeps under our skin.

At BAGEEYA we provide you with a detailed knowledge of the herbs which provide vibrant colours to the garments and the beneficial effects they have on ones skin.

Effects of herbs on the skin in comparison to synthetic dye!!

We all might  faced the little red rashes during the summer days due to opening of the pores of our skin in the more warm temperatures to allow perspiration which has been shown as a cause of significant health effect, and also due to the unbreathable fabric that we might be wearing. The extreme dry condition of the skin during winters and the excessive dryness which occurs when we wear synthetic dyed clothes and woollens.

Textile dyes can also cause allergies such as contact dermatitis’s and respiratory diseases, allergic reaction in eyes, skin irritation, and irritation to mucous membrane and the upper respiratory tract. These diseases are most prevalent in the workers who are dyeing the clothes as they are around the chemicals all day. These workers are literally dying for fashion.

On the other hand, when we use natural dyes in the garments it is more beneficial for the beholder of the garment as well as the environment that we thrive in. Many natural herbs have been proven to cure allergies, skin ailments and various other problems since a very long time of our history. Natural herbs are an incredible sustainable option as they don’t pollute the land or the water resources in which they are discharged unlike synthetic dyes making textile industry the second most polluting industry .