Multi Fashion

In the midst of the global crisis that the complete human race is witnessing, we all are asked to ponder upon our ways of survival. No one can deny from the fact that, in the name of urbanisation, industrialisation and creation of the modern era we have somewhere lost our touch with the most powerful human emotion that we possess-“COMPASSION”. Compassion towards the nature that has always been an endless source of blessing. Compassion towards the section of society that needed our attention and above all compassion towards our own need to feel and behave like a considerate human The modern era brought along with it endless choices in every arena of our lives. Ranging from the variety of foods that we intake ,to the flooding number of choices that we witness in the supermarket in terms of products that we consume. This phenomenon resulted in unconscious possession of things”.

BAGEEYA as a conscious brand which has been working diligently on the philosophy of sustainability and being completely aware of the quality of products that we offer to our customers. While forging on the path of sustainability we discovered a revolutionary method of construction, a versatile method of making garments and decluttering our customers wardrobe and minimising the waste generation from the textile industry. The revolution which has been discussed above is termed as MULTI – FASHION. A revolution which provides people with options to join the battle against fast fashion without souring their fashion taste. We list below some amazing points that can enlighten you to invest in garments which provides you with the happiness of being conscious as aconsumer.

1. Space, Space, and more Space!

Possessing a range of high quality versatile clothes you immediately start making ample amounts of space in your wardrobe for other things that you love!! It’s helps you being more organised and automatically declutters your wardrobe.

2. Traveling Light

Whether you are going on quick a business trip, a short weekend away, or a longer vacation, acking and traveling is a breeze with reversible clothing because you can pack a whole week’s worth of outfits with just a few items of clothing.

3.Avoid Same Dress Disaster

Turning up to a party or event in the same dress as someone else is always a little awkward. You can easily avoid this situation with a unique reversible piece that can be transformed into a different look in seconds. Just do a quick flip of your dress and you’ve got.

4.Quality Construction

As reversible clothing need to be able to be worn inside out without loosing shape, they are made with the finest quality items and craftsmanship. So you know you are getting pieces that will last.

5. Fashion Envy

Of course you’ll be getting tons of compliments and envious glances from your friends and peers who haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of multi-functional luxury. They’ll be wondering how you continuously manage to buy knock-out fashion items, without even realizing it’s the same piece.

6. Eco-Friendly

Buying one piece that can be worn in lots of different ways is also great for the environment! The Environmental Justice Foundation cited that it takes 2,700 liters of water to make just one t-shirt (cotton is one of the thirstiest crops on the planet – fun fact two)! That’s a lot of water. So why not help save the planet and start doubling up your outfits?

7. Best Value

It goes without saying, but having one item that completely transforms into many different looks provides great value. Due to the nature of reversible clothing they are made with the highest quality materials. So you can be sure that you are getting the best quality, functionality and value for your money. Accompanying this igniting revolution of MULTI FASHION the call of the hour also demands us to be completely mindful of the garments that we abandon just because we are bored out of them! It has not been a hidden fact that the textile industry has been one of the largest land polluting industries of the world. As a consumer we need to be aware about the consequences of the waste that we generate and how to find a better method to subsidize the harm created on our planet. In the past few years one such movement has started gaining attention of the conscious customers ,the igniting revolution of CLOTH SWAPPING.Cloth Swapping is like a fashion feast where people bring along with them mentioned amount of clothing which they can EXCHANGE, SWAP and DONATE after they are examined and washed before handing over to their new happy owners. It functions after a very simple philosophy which states, ” trash for you can becomes a someone else’s treasure”. Garments which could have been abandoned in the dump yard gains a happy place in someone else’s wardrobe. Hence we reduce the generation of textile waste disposition. Cloth swapping feasts are actively been organised in the metropolitan.