Saree Story

“Life is a matter of choice, and every choice you make makes you”– John C Maxwell.

We humans always forgets to understand the concept that we ourselves are the creator of our own identity. The architecture of that identity depends on the building blocks of our “conscious choices” that we take in our daily lives.

The quality and freshness of food that we intake, reflects on the kind of health we possess. Quality of knowledge that we feed to our brain, decides the course of life decisions that we will take in the long run. Similar to the concept explained above, the quality of clothes we invest in,decides the internal health of ourselves and the environment around us. The association of health with the quality of cloth has not been a very discussed topic in this modern era. We tend to go after everything that looks externally beautiful but never stop down to think what components have been accumulated to construct it.

We need to trace back our ancient history to actually understand what our ancestors were already well versed with. The use of natural handmade fabrics allow the air to pass through it, and hence allows the skin to breathe. Decoration of our body was not always the concern of our knowledgeable ancestors, with beauty they also put efforts in the healing and nurturing quality of the fabrics.

In bageeya, we dedicate all our efforts to bring forth all the hidden knowledge of our ancestors with a modern and a contemporary twist in design. The quality of handwoven fabric by the meticulous hands of our weavers to the purity of the hand picked herbs that we use in printing our fabrics. Every small step has been provided with very fine detail so that we present our customers with products which can nurture, heal and add value in the wardrobe of our customers.

We love drapes and we feel they could be most versatile choice in your wardrobe. Today we are going to share few ideas on how you and I can adopt sustainability in every day wear.


Women of today’s generation have flourished in so many different fields with an abundant amount of power and dignity within them. This particular drape is for all the LADY BOSSES  out there who are rooted, grounded but still are aware of the methods to get their jobs done with their talent and intellect.

The saree is paired with top  with the pallu effortlessly taken from inside adds to the elegant quotient alongside providing the lady with the freedom to complete her daily chores without the saree being any hurdle.


This classic style of draping the most versatile garment never goes out of fashion.  Enwrapping yourself around the beautiful sarees and letting the pallu fall free to reflect the divinity and elegance that a woman withholds is eccentric.

This drape can be carried in various occasions, be it a ravishing indian party, numerous traditional occasions and even to few of your semi formal meetings.


As we all are aware of the vibrant tradition that India withholds and along with it comes a variety of cultures and methods followed in different states. This beautiful yet trendy way of draping the saree comes from few states like GUJARAT, BIHAR and also by certain families of PARSIS.

The drape is very effortless yet a classic traditional way to add more style and variety in which we can carry our sarees.


This is the most experimental yet a modern way of draping a saree. In the off beat drape the pallu is encircled around the neck to give a very free spirited bohemian look to even a most traditional saree.

This drape is for all women out there who are not scared to experiment with their fashion styles and yet want to be rooted.

It can be carried on numerous occasions like, a fun outing with friends, a party where you wish to leave a mark and even as your airport looks if you are looking forward to adding a desi twist to your airport looks.


Elegance and simplicity never goes out of trend. This is very classic and as the name suggests an extremely poised way of draping a saree.

To add further to the elegance quotient try to make very neat and sleek plates, and let it fall. Further bring the falling pleated pallu and pin it on the other side of the shoulder. And let the remaining fall forward creating a very eccentric and poised look.

This hassell free look can be a go to option for any formal meeting or an interview.