Self Healing Of Mother Nature

“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leavesJohn Muir, Our National Parks

On a very calm and breezy morning, while I am preparing my herb tea, I gently push the window open to allow the fresh air to soothe my skin.  I am astonished at the mesmerising view outside. Hundreds of yellow butterflies are dancing and basking themselves in the glory of the morning sun.

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Have you also woken up recently in the morning and  the air seems to be more fresh and rejuvenating?

Are there more chirping birds in that old tree near your house?

Do you also feel that trees and plants are comparatively greener this year?


If yes, then you along with me and so many other nature enthusiasts are sensing a glorifying moment of nature healing herself. Where humanity has been carefully tucked away at their homes and humans are keeping a safe distance from each other, nature has transformed herself into a self healing centre.

She is weaving all her beautiful species together and celebrating a comparatively toxin free environment. No matter how much trials and tribulations humanity has to face during this difficult hour of COVID – 19 pandemic. Our environment is trying to show us, that even this sad and gloomy situation has its own silver lining.  Let us all change the lens through which we are witnessing this pandemic and have a very rejuvenated look on the way we are experiencing this global crisis. As the nature is healing itself rare species of birds and animals have been spotted.

Here I will enlist few terrific changes which have been witnessed in this past months of lockdown. Incredible views of animals strolling around in the cities with less and fewer humans on roads is an example of how much nature enjoys itself when it is left untouched and is given space to grow and flourish.


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The lockdown seems to have done what three decades of Ganga Cleaning Project could not do — improving quality of Ganga water. With reduced release of the industrial waste, certain parts of river Ganga has shown miraculous improvement in the water quality. In Harki Pauri ghat, Haridwar the holy river water has been stated fit for drinking. Reduction in the industrial waste has also resulted in improving the water condition of the Yamuna river.


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Residents of Mumbai’s Khareghat Parsi colony in Tardeo has had some unexpected visitors in their neighbourhood. With a decrease in human activities, streets have been free from pedestrians and constantly honking vehicles. Taking advantage of this serene environment, our national bird peacocks might have thought of expanding their territories. These peacocks are believed to have arrived from the nearby Doongerwadi forest.


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Remember when we used to visit the city zoo to spot a deer which is caged in its little territory? Who might have thought that the wheel of fortune will take such a sharp turn, and there will be a sudden role reversal? While residents of Tirupati are trapped in their houses during the lockdown, a  bunch of deer and sambhars have been spotted strolling in the SVIMS doctors quarters at the wee hours of dusk and dawn.


Picture credit – global news.

A breath-taking video of sea turtles was recently shared by an IFS official Susanta Nanda on twitter. A spell casting view of about thousands of Olive Ridley hatchling have been emerging from sea and making their way to the Nasi-2 islands and Gahirmatha rookery Odisha. The reduction in the number of tourists, have given this endangered species of turtle a good time to nestle and enjoy sun bathing.


“Think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.” Andy Warhol
Healing in itself is a slow and reawakening process. All the wounds that we have carved in ages with our misdeeds on the body of mother earth have finally gained some time to heal itself. With humans trapped inside their houses, industries closed and reduction of the vehicles on roads, healing of nature has gained a faster momentum. The above incidents clearly states and requests humanity to think beyond its own existence. We have snatched homes from millions of animals and have built bungalows, apartments and industries on it. We have mercilessly chopped the safe haven of birds and turned them into our furniture’s. We should not forget that we humans coexist on this planet with several other wonderful species of plants and animals.
“Earth is not a planet that we own, but it is a planet which we have inherited from our forefathers”

The current scenario is an alarming sign that we diligently respect this fact.

With nature healing itself we should make sure that when humanity returns back to normalcy, we are also healed from our old disastrous habits. These are the times when nature reminds humanity of its actual minute existence. It reclaims its power showing how tiny little creatures we are in the face of this vast planet. Humanity have survived so long because our mother nature is very forgiving. So let us all make a pledge to help our mother earth heal.  With nature healing itself  we are also equally determined to heal the toxic mind-set that has always restrained us from living a conscious, abundant and prosperous life.

In hope of healing of nature and humanity.