Sustainable Living

Have we ever perceived  whywe witness the word “SUSTAINABLE” to such a wide extent nowadays?  What are the conditions which have inculcated such a huge buzz around this particular word. We observe  the tags of  ECO FRIENDLY , ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE in every other product that we are buying from the super markets. Many industries have  taken this concept with such sincerity and  are dedicatedly working towards providing their customers with organic and sustainable experience through their conscious  efforts of making such products.

Before we delve deep into this indispensable concept, let’s just have an overlook on what scientists  have to say about  sustainability.

“The ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance:”

When we sum down the concept, the essence of the definition arrives at the importance of “conscious living”. The choice of life that we as human beings make everyday. A life where we pause and evaluate the life conditions we are creating in our own inner environment and our outer environment. A life where we evaluate the quality of the things we allow to pass through our mind, body and soul, the quality of articles that  we allow to be used by our loved ones. 

“What if we started by slowing down and not consuming so much stuff just because it is there cheap and available. It is amazing how that process makes sense financially , it makes sense ethically, it makes sense environmentally”.–  Andrew Morgan

The most astounding fact about sustainability and conscious living is that its origin traces back to the time of vedas and ancient history of India.  In the rush of making pace with the global market we forgot the beneficial treasure that we Indians have in our own culture.   In Mahabharata Lord Krishna preaches  Arjuna a very important lesson  which reflects the same concept.

“We behold what we are and  we are what we behold”

The quality of things that we use in our lives reflects the inner state of our being. In Indian mythology our bodies are considered to be our temples where only pure and pious products were preached to be used.  The crowd which invests in such

eco-friendly , sustainable products and garments definitely reflects through the same values and depicts their consideration and  affection towards the inner and outer  environment in which they are flourishing.

The visual  example of how deeply rooted sustainability is in our culture is depicted during the innumerable occasions of festivals and weddings in India we witness that certain elements are distinctly used. Hindu priests draping themselves in white dhotis while worshipping their deities. Brides adorn themselves in  yellow garments for their haldi ceremony which means beautifying themselves before an auspicious wedding. Handloom cotton sarees are offered to durga maa during durga  puja in west bengal and jharkhand, women wear cotton sarees, and offer everything that is  made in an unadulterated manner as a symbol of purity when they worship the lord sun during auspicious occasion of chhath puja in bihar. The belief behind using such pure fabrics and elements during such occasions is to maintain purity during the auspicious occasion so that the body and mind is in sync with the divine.

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In the pious land of BAGEEYA we forge forward with the same philosophy  . Every thread that gets weaved in the garment, every eco dyed colour that adorns our product arrives from the lap of mother nature.

Elements are meticulously hand picked to provide our customers with the essence of purity and auspiciousness that has the capability to nourish their inner life which further would create a vibrant outer life. The garments of BAGEEYA not only beautifies the consumers  outer look but enriches their soul.

When we buy products which are eco friendly, sustainable and handcrafted then we create that aura of purity around us, which cleanse our inner life and subconsciously gives us the confidence of creating a major difference in the world. With the conscious choice of surrounding ourselves with such pious, unadulterated products we celebrate our daily lives and get rooted back to our culture  and hence forge forward in creating an immaculate and valuable  life for ourselves and for people surrounding us.